Sujana Vamsi
Head of Department - Mathematics

M. Tech ( Software Engineer), M.Sc (Software Science), College Topper, Technology Expert - Integration Middleware.

"Mrs. Sujana is truly the best math teacher I ever had. I had her in the 10th grade and the material was not easy. Mrs. Sujana always took time to make sure each individual student understood the concept before completely moving on to the next concept. If we still didn’t understand the material, She would let us schedule a time to get more help. I think she is a perfect example of how teachers should be. She is caring, enthusiastic, and you can tell that teaching math is her passion. She inspires so many of us, just by seeing her reaction from students getting that “ah ha” moment after getting the right answer to a problem, you can tell that math and teaching is her passion."  - Parent