Emotional Transformation of the Student is Extremely crucial to their social reflections.

Philosophy  imagePhilosophy  image
At DHII, apart from syllabus we instill personal traits, build their Self-Confidence and help them overcome all obstacles in the learning process;  Theoretical application to real life situations and imbed global pedagogy to the Indian curriculum 

1. Motivation 
- Inspiration, Drive and Interest

2. Lack of Previous Knowledge 
- Re-iterate the Base knowledge to build a strong foundation.

3. Learning Challenges
- Customised teaching tools and Methodology.

4. Learning Environment
- Eliminate Distractions, create conducive environment to concentrate on learning.

5. Emotional Factors
- Eliminate Fear of Failure, Fear of Change, Past insecurities and replace them with Hope of Success, Rewards, Recognition and Appreciation.

6. Learning Styles
- Identify and customise the right learning management to access the dynamic capabilities of the student.

7. Learning Experience
     - Experience out-weighs the Content. Listening to an instructor with limited interaction will not be the right experience for hands-on Learners.